Dinner Out: Via Vite

Having the time to go out to dinner is a rare existing occurrence especially when you are set working the dinner shift yourself, so when you have the chance…it helps to take the opportunity and run with it.

With this night off and opportunity to dine, the boyfriend and I finally went on our first official dinner date to Via Vite and it was beyond delicious and great. Wait, what, boyfriend? Yes, I now get the exciting benefit of being in an even more delightful relationship with one of my best friends. I’m super excited and happy for sure.

Located directly on Fountain Square, the steel and glass structural beauty know as Via Vite specializes in Italian and is the sister (I guess you could say son) restaurant of Nicola’s on Sycamore. Although it took a few good hours for us to decide where we wanted to eat, in the end, we were extremely satisfied with our pick.

Now onto the show…. The décor is has a simple yet rustic, attractive, and intimate feel with a slightly-dark, but light setting. We were sat at a two top next to the window (bad idea since Brett and I are both people watchers) and were greeted promptly by our lovely server with a beautiful accent. She was very knowledgeable about menu items and attentive without being over the top.

A good amount of menu items sounded beyond delicious…especially the lamb shank with polenta (my favorite piece of meat right before pork) but since it was the most expensive item on the menu and I wasn’t paying…I went with the special of potato gnocchi with spicy vodka sauce while the boyfriend went with the rosemary infused pappardelle with white beans, tomato, garlic confit, and sausage.

Whenever I see gnocchi on a menu or as a special..it’s my number one go to…i love gnocchi way too much for some reason. The potato gnocchi was beyond delicious with its fluffiness and delicate softness that easily slid down my throat.

Brett’s pappardelle was also tasty and very filling…It would be the perfect winter comfort dish.

We decided to share dessert of a dark chocolate mousse with smoked sea salt sandwiched between sugared puff pastry with a side of espresso whipped mousse. It was rich as hell, but at the same time very mouth-watering and tasty to boost.

We both left happy and satisfied, but not stuffed to the point where we felt like throwing up from food overdose.

And for the boyfriend, it might have taken a little bit over a year and for me to look past my stupidity and stubbornness, but I’m glad we’re together and can’t wait for our all of our future dates and time together. [=
+sorry for the darkness/blurr of the photos…it was semi dark and I turned my flash off so the people next to us didn’t get up and stab me…

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