We Finally Made It: Abigail Street

The darkened doorway of Abigail Street had been beckoning Brett and I for more than the past few months.
The beckoning continues until that rare Wednesday night when Brett and I were both off and had the opportune moment to dine there.

I’ll just tell you friends, it was so completely worth the wait.

Abigail Street’s atmosphere is cozy, sophisticated, and relaxed lacking any pretentiousness or stuffy feelings. Aside from the beautiful bar and comfy seating, my favorite part of the restaurant would have to be the bathroom. I’m positive that it’s the coolest restaurant bathroom in the entire city.  
Our server (I wish I remembered his name, but he knows who he is…maybe you do too…he’s programmed as “Teenwolf” in their POS system) was definitely more than your average server. He was attentive and gracious and really seemed to absolutely love his job. His suggestions were spot on and his excited personality just added nothing but good vibes to the meal. 
The food was beyond impeccable. We decided to order four different dishes that we wanted the most and split each one so we could try a variety. It so happened though that we enjoyed our first four dishes so much that we ordered two more equally delicious and above the top plates. 

Our first courses definitely set a great tone for the entire meal and proved to us that Abigail Street is something special. The beet salad with hazelnuts, greens, and lebna almost converted my “beet hate” into “beet adore”, but it was the delicate, but robust Bouliabaisse featuring some of the most perfectly cooked seafood that left me wanting to lick the bowl clean and excited for the rest of the food to arrive.
The tender duck confit and silky potato gnocchi swam in a deep and succulent sauce while the cumin roasted carrots with pumpkin seeds and goat cheese formed the perfect textural harmony of crunchy, soft, and creamy. To be honest, these two would work well as a combined dish.

Our last plates might have filled our stomachs a bit too much, but it was the happy kind of fulfillment. The hanger steak featured soft brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and the most flavorful romesco sauce that I’ve ever had. The beautifully grilled octopus (does anyone else see octopus tentacles and instantly want to stick them to their face…maybe that’s just me) was adorned with specks of crisped sausage, fried chickpeas, a creamy and flavorful hummus, diced tomatoes, and a hint of jalapeno.

We finally hit that spot of almost complete stomach fullness so we decided to sign the check. We picked up our belongings, headed outside, and basked in the meal that we just ate…excited for the next time we return.

Abigail Street is definitely a welcome establishment in the whimsical beauty that is Over-The-Rhine. It provides the kind of food that definitely warms the soul without being too heavy or fat laden.

Abigail Street is definitely worth the hype, worth any wait, and worth five million return visits.

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